Reasons Why the Initial Creators Values Doujin

Reasons Why the Initial Creators Values Doujin

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We know which Doujinshi is a kind of magazine self-produced by a Doujin, and it takes numerous famous figures and presents sexually or even differently compared to original 1. This brand new trend has gained a huge number of followers along with a wide range of approval by people globally. You might think that the characters' original creators might have issues about taking their figures and showing them differently, but in reality, the problem is totally reverse. There old ones creators do not have any problems, and there are reasons behind it.

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The main and one of the most important things is actually respect; the actual creators possess great respect for the Doujin as they have confronted similar conditions at the beginning of their careers. They consider that Doujinshi may be the first step towards becoming experts, which will help a great deal in the near future. It has also been realized that the professionals be aware of real battle behind producing comic and cartoon magazines, so they do not cause any trouble for the Doujin and allow them to use their unique characters as their contents.

Sustaining a Good Reputation

All of the publishers and artists are very afraid of litigation as they worry that this may estrange their very own subscriber base. It is belief that the Doujin as well as their Doujinshi represent the most hardcore and popular fans of the original cartoons. So prosecuting them in front of the world may spread a negative track record of the designers. We can state that demoralizing and destroying the Doujinshi can harm the original designers in the industry and also the market.


In the present day, the work of Doujin has become much famous all across the globe, and it is loved by most of the people on the planet. In other words, we can say that Doujinshi has gained acceptability one of the comic enthusiasts; hence borrowing the original characters for making the Doujinshi has become a common and popular practice these days. Many famous cartoon figures like Mikey Mouse, Batman, A super hero, and many more tend to be taken to help to make Doujinshi honest; these Doujinshi are very popular worldwide.

Doujinshi is principally Considered as Parody

We know that parodies are mainly a changed storyline which includes the original figures of any series. Similarly, Doujinshi is also a kind of work that uses original cartoon figures from various series as well as uses it differently. The parody of any film or a series is not regarded as illegal; hence the same guideline lies with regard to Doujinshi. It is also legal, and no you have any negative agenda towards it.

Free Advertising

We might understand that these Doujinshi publications do free advertising of many cartoons or animation series when we think a bit differently. As we know, the Doujinshi use original animation characters; hence, it is obvious these characters tend to be reaching more and more people through these Doujinshi, and the originals creators and marketers do not have to spend a single penny on their behalf. In Asia, many publishers make use of these types of Doujinshi for free advertisement of their own unique series.

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